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Express Line:


Colour Matching

Fast and accurate colour matching service

Our R&D department is totally focused and committed on the needs of our customers.

We offer an accurate colour matching service, able to reproduce most decors and textures.

Proadec offers an almost unlimited choice of plain colours and realistic woodgrain reproductions with realistic appearance.

We follow the trends of the major board manufacturers in the market and every year thousands of new decors are developed either by our own initiative or as per our customer's request.

Proadec has an extensive cross-reference database for the boards of the main suppliers worldwide.

Bespoke widths

Our product families ProClassic and ProFlex are available either as master rolls or as rolls in the width requested by the customer. 

This service allows more flexibility, as in a single order it is possible to have several widths, depending on the profile of the board in which the product will be applied.


The best solution for faster edgebanding

All our edgingd are also available pre-glued with high quality hot-melt adhesive applied to the back of the edging.

The product’s original characteristics are the same, plus an improved and accurate quality bond.

Pre-gluing edging is particularly useful for small batches, on site remedial work and for projects using difficult shapes that can’t be easily handled or larger edging machines.

With two pre-gluing lines, we have the flexibility to pre-glue large and small orders on a quick turnaround.

Stock availability

Small volumes for quick delivery
Proadec offers a stock Collection for quick delivery and quantities from one roll.
Express Line has been specially geared to help companies with short-run jobs plus giving the advantage of small volumes for one-off applications or urgent requirements. The Express Line catalogue comprises an extensive selection of decors in different thicknesses and widths to match popular board decors. The catalogue is made using real edging samples helping to choose the exact board needed for each specific application.

Permanent stock
(all products delivered ex-stock)

Quick delivery
(despatch minimum of 24 hours after order confirmation)

Small volumes
(minimum quantity: 1 roll)

Color match popular board decors
Please note: all matches in this catalogue are merely indicative and are provided as a guide only. For more accurate information on cross-references, visit the page "Cross-reference table” in our web site.

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