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The origins of PROADEC date back to July 1977 when it was established. Throughout all these years, PROADEC has always been a world reference as a manufacturer and a global supplier of thermoplastic edgings for the furniture industry.


For decades, the company has undergone several name changes, corporate bodies, different shareholder structures, etc. but something has never changed: the name PROADEC.


PROADEC has always been dedicated to the extrusion and calendaring of thermoplastic edgebandings to be used in the furniture industry. We are a worldwide reference as a global manufacturer and supplier of thermoplastic edgings for the furniture industry, based on multi-site production and distribution centers and with recognized skills in terms of ethics, quality, competitiveness, innovation and customer service.


The result of this work has been a sustained growth over the years, with the integration of several production and distribution units distributed in Portugal, Brazil and Mexico. PROADEC has a worldwide distribution network, providing a close link with its customers spread across 70 countries in the 5 continents, being 95% of its production aimed for export. 


Exactly 40 years after its foundation, in July 2017, a new era began for PROADEC, with the acquisition of the Company and its affiliates by the German Group SURTECO GROUP SE. By joining a world-leading industrial group, we strengthen the capability to concentrate knowledge and resources to provide products and services with high quality standards and the ability to react quickly and efficiently to the challenges and the demands of the global MARKET, where PROADEC products can be found.


We care for a straight cooperation with our customers to understand their challenges and to offer productive, profitable and cost effective solutions and to continuously improve the quality and innovation of our products and services, competitiveness and communication. Our future is the future of our customers, with whom we wish to establish long-term business and relationships, for mutual benefit.

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